Spring Clean Tips for Your Airbnb

With everything opening back up, summer is coming in hot, and travelers are beginning to book their long-anticipated getaway. In order to prepare for a busy season ahead, creating a spring clean to-do list will put you ahead of the game. Listed below are a few key areas to focus on during your spring clean to ensure you are ready to claim those five-star reviews!

Clean Carpets

With the amount of traffic coming in and out of the house throughout the winter season, your carpets are likely in need of a nice steam clean sesh. Not only does a clean carpet add to the odor of your home, but initial first impression of pristine carpets will make your guests feel more at home. Make sure to remove everything from the carpet to clean and let dry.

Clean Bathrooms

Most likely, there are some places in your home you’re afraid to look. Luckily for you, this is exactly what spring cleaning is for! Clean all the places you don’t normally think to look - baseboards, in between tiles, up and around the toilets, replace the toilet scrub, heck even clear the drains with some Drano! Pay extra attention to your bathrooms as this is the most hygienic place in the home.

Replace Your Linens

Its always important to keep an inventory of your linens and replace any that start looking old, stained, or have holes. During your spring clean, strip all the beds to give everything a good wash including the duvet covers, mattress protectors and pillow protectors! There’s no better feeling freshly cleaned blankets and bedding.

Furniture Spruce

Think of all the places crumbs and knickknacks can hide. Pull the couch cushions up, lift the floor rugs, and check behind your furniture for a full spring clean. Vacuum over your sofa cushions thoroughly and you’ll be back to new!

Anything with a Drawer

All throughout the house things get stuffed in places they’re not supposed to. Do a walk through of the house and check all drawers in the living room, bedroom, and bathrooms for any items left behind by guests. You might be surprised at what you find! Give the drawers a good wipe down from any dust that may have collected inside.

Kitchen Reboot

As the kitchen gets put to good use by your guests, its likely a few things have stuck around longer than they needed to. Start with your appliances by cleaning out your oven, microwave, and refrigerator from the inside out. Make sure to throw out any condiments in your fridge that are used and replace with fresh unopened goodies. Descale your coffee maker to keep the coffee fresh and empty all your drawers and cupboards for a full wipe down. Don’t forget the trash cans! Make sure to bleach and wash out before putting them back in your freshly cleaned kitchen.