Delivering a 5 Star Sleep Experience in Your Airbnb

One of the most important things to guests is a good night’s sleep on vacation. Imagine booking a place, being so excited to climb into bed at the end of a long day of exploring, and it’s the most uncomfortable thing you’ve ever laid on. If you want to rank high on Airbnb and collect those five stars, providing a five-star experience is going to be key. When people are paying top dollar for your property, a great night’s sleep is expected. Listed below are a few key things to keep in mind when purchasing bedding for your Airbnb.

Mattress Choice

The number one item in delivering a five-star sleeping experience to your guests is the mattress. Mattresses typically last you at least 5 years, so if you look at this as a long-term investment, shelling out some extra cash for your mattresses upfront will save you money over time and avoid negative reviews about the sleep experience. Of course, every guest has different sleeping preferences, but looking at online host forums or hosting tip pages will help you decide which mattresses work great in Airbnb’s. Personally, we have found medium firmness foam mattresses to be a fan favorite!


Pillows are also essential for a great night’s sleep! Offering medium firmness pillows are ideal in Airbnb’s as these are likely to appeal to as many people as possible. Make sure you keep a few extra in your Airbnb so guests are able to use as many or as few as they need.

Thread Count

There’s nothing worse than climbing into bed and the sheets are as stiff as sandpaper. To ensure your guests are comfortable in your space, purchase high thread count linens for a luxurious sleep experience. White sheets are ALWAYS preferred by guests, there’s a reason all of the hotel chains use them, you can’t hide stains so the guests can sleep better knowing they are clean. If you are working with a budget, cotton sheets are a great alternative as they are soft to the touch and still provide the comfort of a five-star experience.

Black Out Curtains

Unless you have somewhere to be, who wants to be woken up early by sunlight on vacation? Blackout curtains are a must in all bedrooms. This ensures a restful experience and provides guests with a level of comfort of being in their own home. These should only be put in bedrooms as you want to have as much natural light as possible in your living spaces.


Have you ever slept in a room that felt like a hundred degrees, even without the sheets on? You’re sweating, can’t sleep, and there’s no air circulation. Yeah, avoiding this in your Airbnb is going to be key to a five-star sleep experience for your guests. If you are located in an area with major heat or cold weather, having central heating/AC is a necessity for your success in getting repeat bookings. Luckily for you, there are great smart thermostats that can be controlled from your phone, so you are able to adjust the air without stopping by your property. The Nest and Ecobee seem to be very popular in the Airbnb community due to their ease of operation for you as well as your guest.

Room Ambiance

Great décor goes a long way in providing a high level of comfort in your bedrooms. When a room has a sense of rest, relaxation, and cleanliness, it adds to the sleep experience of your guests. Always make sure your design and décor are on par with the rest of the house and keep it to a minimum. Clutter can be mistaken for unclean and that’s the last thing you want on your guests mind when they lay down at the end of the day.