Avoiding Parties in Your Airbnb

Recently, there have been many incidents where Airbnb guests have thrown unsolicited house parties without the hosts permission. Most notably was the recent house party in Dallas where Airbnb has had to take legal action against the guest who completely trashed an Airbnb by throwing an unruly house party. Because of this, Airbnb has teamed up with VRBO to target party houses and avoid this repeat incident from happening. As Airbnb works hard to fight these party guests for you, there are also a few steps you can take to ensure this does not happen at your property! Read on to see our list of curated tips on how to prevent reckless parties in your Airbnb.

Manage Your Pre-Stay

Your first step in avoiding house parties in your Airbnb is vetting your guests before/after they book and asking questions. If something on their profile seems suspicious, ask politely what the purpose for the visit is, how many guests will be staying, and always check their previous reviews. You can always reiterate what your max occupancy is and clearly state your no party house rule. This may not help deter everyone, but it is a great start. You may even want to set a minimum age of who can book your Airbnb. Remember that the questions you ask to one, must be asked to all. You do not want to profile potential guests based on race, gender identity, nationality, sexuality, or age.

Use a Noise Meter

Another great tool to use is a noise meter. Brands such as Noiseware or Roomonitor are especially popular with Airbnb hosts as you receive notifications straight to your phone if noises get above a certain level in your home. These devices are strictly used for noise and do not listen or record in your home which still gives guests the privacy they are paying for. Stating to your guests directly that you will have a noise monitor and putting this in your listing will help deter those who are booking strictly for a party.

Have Someone Local to the Airbnb

If you live remotely from your Airbnb, it would be really helpful to have someone local to your Airbnb should any issues arise. This way once you get the notification, you have someone who can get there within minutes. Great contacts for this would be family or friends who are nearby, however if you don’t have anyone who lives in the area, there are plenty of property managers you can hire for a reasonable fee to manage your property for you.

Use Exterior Security Cameras

Similar to your Noiseware devices, installing exterior security cameras will deter the party goers from throwing a massive rave in your backyard. Note in your listing that you will have security cameras on property, and if you are feeling suspicious about a guest, reiterate this to them during your check-in conversation and vetting questions. As always, only place in areas that need the best protection such as the entrances and exits so you can see who is coming in and out of your property.

Clear Communication

All of these points boil down to one key tip in avoiding house parties in your Airbnb – clear communication. This goes for your listing description, guest interaction, welcome book, and any other ways you choose to communicate with your guests. Make sure it is clearly noted that you do not allow house parties and always remain in constant communication as needed. Between Airbnb’s efforts as well as your own, your clear expectations will assist in avoiding unruly parties in your Airbnb!